Disaster Recovery

Help with recovery of fire and flood damaged artworks and documents, provide reports for insurance companies and assist with emergency planning / disaster preparedness

Are you looking for assistance with artworks or documents that have been damaged in a fire or flood? Has an artwork been damaged in an accident that may lead to an insurance claim. Artworks Conservation offers help with
rapid, on-site recovery and stabilisation of damaged material
written condition reports and quotes for insurance companies
cleaning and restoration of damaged artworks and documents including remounting and replacing damaged frames

Sheffield Floods 2007
In 2007 over 1000 works of art in Museum Sheffield’s social history collection at Kelham Island, were damaged in floods at Kelham Island. Artworks Conservation were able to offer immediate, hands-on advice to the museum team, leading the recovery of art, books and photographs. Many museums, galleries and institutions in the north of England include Artworks Conservation’s contact details in their Emergency & Disaster plans so that we can provide a rapid response to assist with a clean-up operation
Call us for advice today on 01765 676600 or email an image of your picture to us at info@artworksconservation.co.uk

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